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News release, December 5, 2016

Redflow extends ZCell installer coverage To  SSE Systems Canberra

Australian battery company Redflow Limited today announces seven more approved installers for its new ZCell energy storage solution, including additional coverage in regional areas and the NT.

Redflow’s latest approved ZCell installer in Canberra are SSE Systems. Redflow now has a total of 12 installers offering services in every state and territory of Australia.

ASX-listed Redflow last month told shareholders at its Annual General Meeting that it had received strong demand for its ZCell residential battery, with orders from installers Australia-wide, including one for 48 ZCells, worth about $600,000 from Standard Solar in Melbourne. Through in-country business partners, Redflow has also seen multi-unit deployments of its ZBM2 commercial batteries at a factory in South Africa and a telecommunications tower in New Zealand. 

Redflow CEO Simon Hackett said each approved installer had undertaken ZCell-specific training which extended their existing expertise and experience of installing energy storage systems.

Redflow is an Australian company that designs and distributes ZBM2 commercial and ZCell home energy storage systems. These 10 kilowatt hour (kWh) zinc-bromine flow batteries can ‘timeshift’ solar power from day to night, store off-peak power for peak demand periods and support off-grid systems. Installers determine the price charged for an energy storage system that uses a ZCell battery from Redflow.

SSE Systems is a Canberra company that installs solar PV systems and batteries in the ACT and areas of southern NSW. Managing Director Tobias McLenaghan said ZCell was clearly superior to other batteries. “By the time ZCell has finished its warranty, people could have bought two sets of lead acid batteries,” he said. “Farmers are really interested in batteries because they already have solar, so ZCell’s reliable energy storage would be really beneficial for them.”

About Redflow

Redflow Limited is an energy storage specialist that has developed the world’s smallest flow batteries. Redflow’s unique flow batteries are designed for stationary energy storage applications ranging from its ZCell home solution to its ZBM batteries for commercial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment. Redflow is a publicly-listed company (ASX: RFX) that operates R&D facilities in Australia, as well as offices in the US and Europe. Produced in North America by Flex, one of the world’s largest supply chain solution companies, Redflow’s high energy density batteries are sold, installed and maintained by a global network of system integrators.