ASP L2 Powerlines


SSE Systems is an accredited Level 2 service provider specialising in the supply of electricity from the energy authority network to your property quickly, professionally and cost-effectively.

We pride ourselves in working to extremely high standards and with a professionalism that allows you, the client, to enjoy complete peace of mind. You can be assured that your installation is in our capable hands and you can focus your own time and resources on the rest of your project.


Our highly qualified staff have all the relevant experience, training, licences, and insurances and are authorised to work on the network, we can be responsive to your project needs and take the pressure off your electrical installation.

This enables us to provide our customers with more efficient service across all their electrical requirements.

We are authorised in

    • Category 1 – Disconnection / Reconnection

    • Category 2 – Underground service lines

    • Category 3 – Overhead Mains

    • Category 4 – Metering and energising new installations

We provide Level 2 electrician services that include

    • New underground service

    • Upgrade from single phase to three phase

    • Temporary Building Supply

    • UGOH-underground service to overhead

    • Three-Phase Upgrades

    • Metering

    • Defect Repairs

    • Installation of solar meters

    • Disconnects / Reconnects

    • Off-peak meters for hot water system

    • Switchboard Upgrades

    • New meters for new connection

    • Three phase and single phase meters

    • Separation of supply metering

SSE Systems is fully dedicated to serve all users including civil contractors, homeowners, builders, small and large electrical contractors, companies and many other that need a Level 2 Electrician service provider.